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    2. 欢迎来到应届生求职网-中国领先的大学生求职网站
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      1. 发布时间:2020-05-16
      2. 工作地点:其它
      3. 职位类型:兼职实习
      4. 来源:前程无忧(51JOB)
      5. 职位:Control Engineer Intern 控制算法实习生

      Key tasks & Responsibilities

      1. Develop motor control algorithm and prepare related algorithm documents for software engineer to implement.

      2. Develop motor control software for the inverters.

      3. Optimize control performance through algorithm improvement.

      4. Analyze and solve critical customer issures related to motor control.

      5. Provide technical support to software team.

      6. Other tasks assigned by the leader

      Typical Experience & Background

      1. Hold a Master degree or above in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Automation and Electronics related.

      2. Be fluent in English both in writing and speaking.





      Founded in 2001, Zhejiang Holip Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated by Danfoss and became a member of it as one wholly-owned subsidiary in 2005.Holip.
      In the past decade, Holip has undergone a major transformation. We started with couples of employees and now we have a crew of more than 600 employees in China. Holip is a national high-tech enterprise with an integration of R&D, production and marketing, meanwhile the only company in China having its own R&D center for frequency conversion at provincial level. Holip's core products are HLP series frequency converters broadly applied in the industries of textile, chemicals, mill, plastic and others, and have been listed successively in National Major New Products and National Torch Program of China and are entitled as Zhejiang Brand Products and Most Competitive Domestic Products in 2004. Holip is the largest manufacturer of frequency converter in China as well.

      In order to adapt to Danfoss' strategy to make China the second home market, Holip is now seeking high speed development with the powerful support from Danfoss, which will further strengthen its leading position in home-made frequency converter manufacturers and will gradually become a manufacturing and logistics center of Danfoss Drives in the Asia and pacific region.

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